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When it comes to spin classes at LIFT, our goal is to ensure that you get the most effective workout possible. This means burning maximum calories, building optimal muscle, and effecting weight loss, all while minimizing injury. In order to achieve these fitness ideals, it is critical to learn proper technique.



Regarding the adjustment of your seat, the widest part of your foot should be directly in line with the spindle. The most efficient way to position yourself on the bike is to create a straight line from the front of your kneecap to your big toe. Doing this will allow for more force and power to be transferred to the crank arm, producing a stronger stroke.




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When you cycle, obviously your feet move in circles, but if you can think in terms of a “square rotation technique”, you will produce more power.

At the top of the stroke, while dropping your heel, push your foot along the top of the square, and then smoothly drop it down against the front side of the square. Think of this as your initial motion which creates your momentum. Then, think of seamlessly shifting the motion rearward, scraping the bottom of the square as if you’re scraping mud off the bottom of your foot. Finally, using your quads and hip flexors, with your core muscles tightened, pull strongly up the backside of the square.

Remember, when it comes to having an amazing spinning session, where you leave sweaty and feeling as though you gave 100%, we must learn to utilize the correct muscles, and doing that requires connecting your mind to every little movement.



While pushing up a hard hill the muscles you use will often become exhausted, as metabolic waste products accumulate faster than they can be expelled. When it comes to burning fat and building solid leg muscle, these hills are absolutely among the best weapons in your arsenal, thus we want to learn how to tackle them wisely. This waste actually clears quite quickly if we can simply make less use of the muscles for a moment. The solution is to briefly work different sets of muscles throughout the climb to give particular muscle groups precious time to recover. There are several ways to do this.


If you typically ride with toes pointed down or feet flat, drop your heels for a bit to bring your hamstrings and glutes more into play and give your quadriceps and calves time to recover. Likewise, if you usually ride with your heels dropped, raise them so your feet are flat or point your toes down thereby taking the load off the hams and butt and shifting it onto the quads and calves. Shift forward and back on the seat. Sitting on the front of the seat accentuates the quads, sitting on the back accentuates the hams and glutes. Stand up for a brief interval and then sit back down. Just before you stand, shift into a bigger gear and then shift back to the smaller gear when you sit down.

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